Soap nuts or berries are the common names for the ripened and dried fruit from a Sapinus tree. The saponin found in the shell is a natural surfactant that breaks the surface tension and makes water wetter. This is what makes soap nuts work like detergent, releasing dirt, grime, and grease.

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An Oregon Family Business Since 1923

Grain Flaker Attachment

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From the makers of WonderMill....

How LifeStraw® works       
LifeStraw® personal uses advanced hollow fiber technology. This highly efficient method of filtration requires no chemicals.

How to use your LifeStraw® filter
Simply place one end of the LifeStraw® tube into unfiltered water (a water bottle, river, or even a puddle) and suck clean water through the top of the straw. Follow the instructions provided for your first use.

Tried and tested in the harshest conditions
Award-winning LifeStraw® technology was originally introduced in 2005 as an emergency response tool to filter water often contaminated following natural disasters. Today, LifeStraw® is used in water filtration products around the world.

Meat Grinder Attachment

Jerry's Berkey Bucket uses two Black Berkey filters and a no-drip spigot incorporated with two 5 gallon food grade white pails joined and sealed with two Gamma Seal Lids. Additional Black Berkey filters or fluoride/arsenic filters can be added.

Unlike the standard Berkey units, Jerry's Berkey Bucket is portable and durable. Filter 5 gallons of water then simply unscrew the connecting Gamma Seal Lid, set the top filtering unit aside, unscrew its lid, place that lid on the bottom retention unit, and off you go. Take it picnicing, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. With the O-ring in place on the lid, you have a spill proof rugged container of pure clear water.

Additional bottom collection units are also available, increasing the amount of purified water you can have on hand.

Single Door Deluxe

Burns biomass only

At only 2 oz. the LifeStraw can be transported with ease.

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Soap Nuts / Berries

2 Door Deluxe

Burns either biomass or charcoal

LifeStraw® personal water filter
The award-winning LifeStraw® personal water filter can travel with you anywhere. Weighing just 2 ounces and only 9 inches long, LifeStraw® is ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness. The straw-style filter design lets you turn up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water, filtering out protozoa and bacteria. 

   StoveTec stoves are recognized worldwide as one of the most efficient rocket stoves available. These stove are designed as wood-stick or bio-mass fueled stoves. With temperatures that reach the equivalent of an average house range on high - or 24,900 BTU's, a pot of water can boil in as little as 10 minutes when the stove is at peak temperature.
   The insulated ceramic combustion chambers are made from specialized natural clay so lightweight it floats on water prior to kiln firing. This low-mass, insulated ceramic is fired twice and allows for extremely efficient and rapid heat transfer. The cast iron cook surface and rugged stove body ensures durability.
   StoveTec stoves replace dirty, air-polluting, unimproved stoves and open fires, saving 40-50% of fuel and reducing 55-70% of harmful emissions. 

German engineered and licensed, the WonderMix stand mixer has quality parts that will last and hold up to heavy use, from the motor and gears to everything else. If you want to mix dough for 8 loaves of whole wheat bread you won’t have to worry about hurting your mixer, its built to take it.

    It's a big claim for a manufacturer to call their product "The World's Best" but we have to agree. The Wonder Junior Deluxe has the versatility and high quality of the most expensive hand wheat grinder in a price range that is affordable, especially when compared with the next best hand mill.
   The Wonder Junior produces more flour per handle revolution than any other basic model hand mill; and for less than half the price when you consider all the features that come standard with the WonderMill Jr Deluxe vs. having to pay extra for those same features with other mills. The Wonder Junior gives you more options to mill several types, nuts into nut butters, coffee, flax, and many other items not possible in more expensive grain mills.

WonderMill Jr Deluxe features:

  • Two Mill Head Sets: stones for grains and stainless steel burrs for oily seeds and nuts
  • A Clamp: the best one we've ever used on ANY clamp on device. This clamp is rock solid! (Most other mills do NOT come standard with a clamp.)
  • Flour Guide: to keep flour flowing into something as small as a measuring cup
  • Long Handle: mills flour faster and more efficiently. We can mill about a cup and a half of flour in a minute or less.
  • Dual Use Auger: feeds both grains and beans either separately or simultaneously.

See this video for more info:


  • Lets you drink directly from streams and lakes or from a bottle
  • Uses advanced hollow fiber membrane technology to filter up to 264 gallons or 1,000 liters of water to 0.2 microns
  • Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella
  • Removes 99.9% waterborne protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Reduces turbidity (muddiness)
  • No aftertaste: LifeStraw® doesn’t use iodine or iodinated resin chemicals and is BPA-free
  • Meets US EPA drinking water standards
  • Ultralight: weighs only 2 ounces or 57 grams
  • Portable: only 9” (22.5 cm) long and 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter
  • Requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts
  • BPA free and contains no chemicals
  • Raw materials meet US Food and Drug Administration regulations and standards

Super Pot
Double walled stock pot for high efficiency cooking even in windy conditions.

SilverFire® Scout Specifications:
Stove Height Assembled:  6 & 3/4 inches                     Diameter:  5 Inches
Collapsed:  2 & 1/2"                                                     Weight:  12 Oz
Construction:  All stainless steel                                   Combustion Design:  TLUD  (Top Lit Up Draft)

  • 100% Natural, Safe & Hypoallergenic
  • Chemical Free / Leaves no Residue
  • Replaces Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener
  • Economical to Use
  • Reusable
  • Environmentally Safe & Friendly
  • Safe for Delicate Fabrics & Sensitive Skin
  • Safe for Septic Tanks
  • Can Be Used to Make Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner*
  • Compostable

Liquid Fabric Wash

  • Waterless Hand Cleaner (2 sizes)
  • Super Remover
  • Cedar Wood Oil

  Cleaning Products

*Multiple Uses




Pet Shampoo

Car Wash

Mopping Floors

Jewelry Cleaner

For over 35 years, D. Stutzman Farms has supplied 100% natural organic fertilizer products derived from dried poultry waste. We feature their products, Sup'R Green Chicken Manure, and Nutri-Rich 4-3-2 at our store. Both are compliant with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Sup'R Green is listed with WSDA and Nutri-Rich 4-3-2 is listed with both OMRI and WSDA.

   Berkey has long been considered the gold standard of gravity filtration thanks to their well established reputation in the industry combined with their outstanding filtration test results.
   Well and public water is often laced with chlorine, lead, high levels of harmful bacteria, and other unwanted chemicals and contaminants.  Frequently these produce unpleasant tastes and odors. Even bottled water, which many times originate from a municipal source, can contain these same contaminants, and moreover it is very expensive and causes considerable harm to the environment.

3 Berkey Benefits

1. Drink To Your Health - Berkey Water Filters Remove the Bad, Leave the Good

  • Berkey water filter systems are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine to levels higher than 99.99%, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.
  • Did you know that over 60% of US municipal water is fluoridated? 
  • Berkey water filter systems also distinguish themselves from many other filtration systems by having the capabilities to significantly reduce fluoride and arsenic via the "PF" line of filters.

Why do you need a Survival Still? Disasters happen. If the power goes out in your city for an extended period of time, your tap water could become dangerously contaminated. Without a supply of safe drinking water you and your loved ones could quickly become ill. The Survival Still can save your family, but only if you own one BEFORE an emergency happens! Click here for more info, and here, here, & here for instructional videos.

    Nobody likes a drip. Problem solved: this hand wringer removes 90 percent of the water. Spin dry or automatic washers remove only 45 percent. The adjustable roller pressure on the 76-3 makes it great for bulky items such as towels and jeans as well as thin items like lingerie. And it's a necessary piece of equipment for the prepping community.
    Where will you use your hand wringer? At garages, car washes, motels, swimming pools, hospitals and your home. Your chamois, towels, bathing suits, and other fabrics will have a longer life.
    The Model 76-3 Wringer is virtually indestructible, featuring a rustproof, all-steel frame, steel tube handle, and zinc plated finish. Hard maple bearings never need oil. A single, adjustable screw supplies pressure at center of a flat, tempered steel spring balancing pressure over entire length of roll. Indestructability notwithstanding, all parts are replaceable.
    The hand wringer attaches to stationary or portable tubs (round or square). The clamps open to 1-3/4 inches, and is equipped with rollers 12-inches x 1-7/8 inches.

Delivering clean and efficient cook stove for survival situations, camping and other recreational uses - requiring minimum fuel and little effort.

Model 76-3 Hand Wringer

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Survivor Rocket Stove

Tried and tested in the harshest conditions
Award-winning LifeStraw® technology was originally introduced in 2005 as an emergency response tool to filter water often contaminated following natural disasters. Today, LifeStraw® is used in water filtration products around the world.

...removes twice as much water as spin dry!

  Rocket Stoves

Black Berkey Filters

The basic principle behind making distilled water is to boil water into steam, then to cool it to collect the pure water from the vapor.
The main advantage of distilled water is that it is 100% boiled, sterilized, clean, safe, and environmentally friendly.

(a.k.a. the Mountain Maytag)
Superb water action and agitation with minimal effort. Water and detergent are efficiently circulated through fabrics, up through the washing cone and out of the collar at the top, returning the cleaning solution. Cleans better than most automatic washers.
Patent pending.

Click photos for instructional videos

LifeStraw® Follow the Liters
For each LifeStraw® product you buy, one school child in a developing country will be provided with safe drinking water for an entire school year. Visit LifeStraw® Follow the Liters where you can see the impact of consumer contributions. There, you can follow the program’s progress by viewing the most up-to-date measurable data on program achievements and hear stories from children who have been positively impacted.

Berkey Fluoride Filters

2. The Affordability - Berkey Water Filters Provide a Great Return on Investment

  • Each durable Black Berkey Water filter will last up to 3000 gallons (6000 gallons per set of 2). This is much longer than the majority of water filter solutions on the market.
  • At 10 gallons per week, this equates to more than 11.5 years of healthy clean drinking water!
  • Put another way, 1 gallon of Berkey water costs you just 1.7 cents!
  • Including fluoride and arsenic reduction, 1 gallon of Berkey water costs just 7 cents!
  • Stop and think how much money you could save by the simple reduction in bottled water purchases by regularly using water filtered by your Berkey water filter, not to mention how many fewer plastic bottles will be used. 

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World's #1 Rated Electric Grain Mill

Super Dragon Fan Stove AC/DC

​Use outdoors or well ventilated spaces

The SilverFire® Scout is a lightweight gasifier stove designed for twigs! Great for back-packing, hunting, getting home or bugging out.

Cook free with twigs or scrub! SilverFire quality biomass / biofuel products are fun and efficient to use. 

Certified Organic Soap Nuts

WonderMill Jr. Deluxe

World's Best Hand Grain Mill

Try These Other Super Soap Products

   Megahome water distiller product features

  • Safety certifications internationally recognizable 
  • After-sales service and customer support
  • All materials adhere strictly to the RoHS standard.
  • No installation required, smaller than most home distillers, and easy to operate
  • Environmentally friendly - no filter replacements required
  • Auto power off system.
  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean.
  • Produces stable water quality with zero pollution
  • 100% pure distilled water anywhere, anytime, and with any kind of water
  • High quality 4-liter glass bottle or BpA-free 4-liter PP bottle allow

  Water Purification

The perfect greenhouse covering: diffused light, insulated, easy-to-install, strong and affordable!

   Insulated twin-wall Solexx™ greenhouse panels reduce your heating costs while providing 70-77% soft, diffused light - the best light for plants! The strong, shatter-proof greenhouse glazing protects your plants from strong winds, snow and other harsh weather conditions. Unlike other twin-wall greenhouse coverings, the flexible paneling can be bent around corners and easily cut with a utility knife.
   Solexx™ XP and Solexx™ Pro greenhouse coverings are now available in rolls up to 1000' long, so it is easy for you to re-cover just about any structure!

  • R-2.1 Insulating factor
  • Double-walled insulated greenhouse material helps hold in the heat
  • 49.5 inches wide to allow for seam overlap
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Guaranteed Analysis 4-3-2 Ca 7%
  • Convenient granule form for turf & garden applications
  • Economical pellet form for agricultural applications
  • Guaranteed weed and dirt free
  • Easily broadcasts with conventional fertilizer spreaders
  • High performance & environmentally friendly
  • Special slow release makes it last and last
  •  Contains essential nutrients and micronutrients
  • Excellent all-purpose turf, vegetable & flower garden, shrub & tree fertilizer
  • Available in bulk truckloads, 1 ton totes, 50# & 40# bags
  • Nutri-Rich 4-3-2 Application Recommendations
  • Nutri-Rich 4-3-2 WSDA Certificate
  • Nutri-Rich 4-3-2 OMRI Certificate

WonderMix Features:

  • 900 Watt Motor
  • Direct Drive High Torque Transmission
  • 3 Speeds + Pulse
  • Large 22 Cup Mixing Bowl (5.5 qt.)
  • Heavy Duty Tru-Mix Dough Hook
  • Convenient bowl handle
  • BPA Free
  • Cord Storage Compartment
  • No Walking Base
  • Overload Protection
  • Quiet Operation
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowl
  • Safety Bowl Locking System
  • Double Beating Whisks
  • For a limited time: comes with Cookie Whips & Blender
  • Other attachments available
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Safe for all Fabrics
  • Hot or Cold Water
  • Industrial Strength
  • Biodegradable 
  • Environmentally Safe

3. The Versatility - Berkey Water Filters Purify Both Treated and Untreated Water

  • Berkey water filters are capable of purifying both treated water (municipal/city water) and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, and water supplies in foreign countries.
  • The micro-pores within the self-sterilizing and re-cleanable Black Berkey water filter purification elements are so small that pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to pass through them.
  • Due to the fact that the Berkey water filters do not require electricity and are portable, they become a lifesaver during times of flooding, loss of electricity, and other life threatening emergencies.

   We love this impact mill! It is the quietest and fastest grain mill we've ever used, creating super-fine flour or coarse flour at temperatures that preserve nutrients, ensuring that you will always have the perfect flour.
  WonderMill's boasts a large 1250 watt motor - the MOST POWERFUL micronizing mill available, and can grind over 100 pounds of flour per hour with enough power to blast through clogging issues. It's also self-cleaning.
   The WonderMill will grind wheat, corn, rice, legumes, beans, and other small grains like Quinoa and Amaranth. It will even grind many grains sutable for Gluten-Free Flours. Go to to see a full list of what the WonderMill can grind.
             A limited lifetime warranty is included with every WonderMill.