Bridgeport Farms & Gardensis located at the NW corner of Kings Valley Hwy (Hwy 223) and Bridgeport Rd/Monmouth Hwy just 7 miles south of Dallas and west of Monmouth.
From Monmouth, go west & follow signs for Falls City. At Hwy 223, continue west through intersection. Store is 800 ft. up on the right.

"Where else can you get fresh organic salad greens and your chainsaw sharpened all at once?"

Certified Organic Soap Nuts

The Healthy
Meat Replacer

Store Hours
Sunday 12 noon - 5 pm
Monday - Friday 10 am-6 pm


"This is like a little health food store out in the middle of nowhere...sort of." We frequently get comments like these. The varied and seemingly unrelated products we carry in our country store reflect our dedication to healthy organic, providential and sustainable living. From fresh salad greens and whole grains to metal sheds and greenhouses, you just never know what will show up next. Below is the current list of items and services we offer:

Organic Grass/Clover Hay (in season, out of the field)
Local Tractor Work
Chainsaw Sharpening

Azure Order and Pick-Up Schedule for 2016/2017

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 Our Country Store

  • No Handling Fees or Shipping Charges (on orders over $50. Under $50 - $2.50 handl fee)
  • Local Pick Up (No more long trips to a Health Food Store)
  • Payment at Time of Pickup (No online purchasing risks)
  • Email Reminders of Order Dates
  • Email Notification of Delivery
  • Face to Face Customer Service

Join Bridgeport Buying Club and purchase high quality bulk and natural foods from Azure Standard. Their extensive catalog of products includes frozen foods, grocery items of all sorts, herbs, produce, condiments, dairy and dairy alternatives, health and beauty items, eco-friendly cleaning products, and more. They carry a large selection of organic products in every category. 

Twice a month, club members can place an order of any size either by email, phone, or at the store. All available items are delivered directly to our store and ready for pick up four days after the order due date. While individuals can purchase directly from Azure and make their own arrangements for delivery at other drop points, Bridgeport Buying Club members enjoy these advantages:

There is no sign-up fee or co-op style time commitment required to join Bridgeport Buying Club; just your cooperation with our easy-to-follow instructions. The large general catalogs are published once a  year. Sale catalogs come out every two months. New members get their first general catalog for free. After that, catalogs are only 50 cents. The bi-monthly sale catalogs are always free.

To join, simply contact us via phone or email listed listed at the bottom of this page; and thank you for helping us build a stronger community.

Organic Seasonal Produce

Coconut Oil
neat  Meat Replacer
Jerky Seasonings
Canning Supplies
Sprouters & Sprouting Seeds
Herbs & Seasonings
Homeopathic Remedies
Hand Clothes Washers & Wringers
WonderMill Grain Grinders
WonderMix Food Processor
Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs (Duck & Goose in season)
  Natural & Locally Handcrafted Personal Care Products
Food Grade Silica (Diatomaceous Earth)
Garden Starts in season
Azure Standard Distribution Site (see below)
Freeze Dried Foods

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
Water Storage Tanks
Berkey Water Filtration & Purification Systems
Water & Essential Oil Distillers
Survival Still
Colloidal Silver
Gamma Seal Lids
Food Grade Plastic Pails
Mylar Bag/Oxygen Absorber Kits
Oxygen Packs
West Coast Metal Shelters/Buildings
Rocket Stoves
Dry-Camping Gear
Solar Lights
Worm Factory Compost Bins
Compost Turners

Compost Tea Brewers
Solexx(TM) Greenhouses/Material
Planter Pots
Dustin Mizer
Stutzman Farms Organic Fertilizer
Health Books & Reference Lending Library

Custom Gift Baskets


Order Days: Monday ~  28th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 12th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 2nd, 16th


Order Days: Monday ~ the 2nd, 16th, 30th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 6th, 20th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 13th, 27th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 3rd, 17th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 13th, 27th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 3rd, 17th,31st

Order Days: Monday ~ the 10th, 24th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 14th, 28th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 8th, 22nd
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 12th, 26th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 5th, 19th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 9th, 23rd

Order Days: Monday ~ the 10, 14th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 14th, 28th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 7th, 21st
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 11th, 25th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 11th, 25th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the15th, 29th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 9th, 23rd
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 13th, 27th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 6th, 27th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 10th

Order Days: Monday ~ the 4th, 18th
Pick-Up Days: Friday ~ the 1st, 8th, 22nd

Pick-Up Days in this color/bold indicate holiday schedule adjustments & pick-ups from the last order date of the previous month. Updates and changes to this schedule will be posted as soon as they are known.